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Thank you for attending the Citibank Alumnae webinar on Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results.

I hope you found the session stimulating and provided you with new ideas and insights about how you can elevate conversational intelligence at work.

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C-IQ-Journey-MapSummary of Citibank Webinar

Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Results and Get Extraordinary Results

There are many types of intelligence – like intellectual intelligence or emotional intelligence. Yet there is one intelligence that is different from the rest. It’s an intelligence that is hardwired in all of us – yet hidden from plain site. It’s called Conversational Intelligence.

In the webinar we talked about:

  • The definition of Conversational Intelligence – and how C-IQ shapes reality
  • The neuroscience of conversations—including what conversations close our brains and what conversations open our brains—and why we need to know this
  • How to activate, measure and use Three Levels of Conversations
  • The five conversational mistakes that lower our Conversational Intelligence, and the five conversational skills that raise our Conversational Intelligence
  • How ‘trust’ changes reality
  • How to use Conversational Rituals to elevate your C-IQ

Conversations are not always what we think they are. We’ve grown up believing in a narrow view of conversations, thinking they are about expressing thoughts, observations and opinions. Many see conversations as “persuasion” or “getting others to think the way I think.”

In our early research, we watched conversations under different circumstances, everything from first meetings to major negotiations. It wasn’t difficult to see the patterns emerge. We found that as many of 95 percent of verbal exchanges were “telling” statements. “Asking” statements were rare, as was quality listening.

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