Conversational Intelligence is…

Conversational Intelligence is the hardwired ability in all humans to connect, engage and navigate with others. It is the most important intelligence that gets better when “we” do it together. While the other types of intelligence are more “I-centric” in nature, Conversational Intelligence is a collaborative effort.

Conversational Intelligence is about closing the gaps between your reality and mine. Each of us maps the world through our experiences. We create the meaning, and then we share it with others. Conversations provide the tools for talking about what we think and feel, and if the conversations are healthy and robust, we will come to see how others view the world and learn to work successfully with them.

Conversations help us bridge our realities – and when we do we feel a sense of trust with others, we can create a shared reality. When we trust others, we are also able to address reality gaps, and through C-IQ we gain a language for bridging our reality gaps with others and create healthy thriving relationships, teams and organizations.

Elevating Conversational Intelligence will improve business results, and create a framework for enhancing relationships and partnerships, releasing new energy for growth and transformation.

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