Conversational Intelligence has 5 skills that elevate it …

Here are five skills that elevate Conversational Intelligence

  • Being open to Influence: Many people err by spending most of their time describing their views of reality rather than learning how others assess a situation.
  • Listen to Connect: Rather than listening to judge or get your point in, listen to connect to others first.
  • Ask Questions for Which You have No Answers: Rather than asking leading questions, ask questions to open other to sharing their insights and perspectives.
  • Prime for Trust: When trust is low, take the time to focus on building trust.
    • Be Transparent
    • Focus on Relationship before task
    • Focus on Understanding where others are coming from
    • Focus on building a Shared success
    • Focus on Truth-telling and closing reality gaps
  • Sustain Conversational Agility – when you discover you are stuck in one level, Reframe, Refocus and Redirect

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